Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Scene is Dead- We Are Scientist

Just some more fotos from my time in Cuba. All fotos de Meg, except the first, that's mine.

One of our first days here. Looking across the bay near Habana Vieja.

On our walk home from school.

Some ministry of something. But that's Che's face! He's everywhere.

This is an ad on a paper placemat at a restaurant that we love (they have great fries). But this ad says "Panoramic Restaurant- Maybe the best restaurant in Cuba." Maybe? So silly.

Meg and Steph found a frog in their toilet in Cienfuegos.

The smallest car on the face of the Earth.

The foreground shows Cuban homes. In the background is a five-star hotel.

My hood.

Some chicas hanging out on the porch.

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  1. I just showed my hostmom the picture of the frog in the toilet and explained it. so funny!