Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fox Confessor Brings the Flood- Neko Case

So while everyone was having a snow day on Monday in Boston (yayy spring break!), we almost had a flood day. Almost.
When we get a cold front (it usually correlates with bad weather in the northeast, give or take a day), the malecón goes crazzyyyy. The waves come crashing over the wall and all of Calle Primera is slightly flooded. But yesterday, we go out to walk to class. The water was coming up Calle A, and going down Tercera. So we turn the corner at Tercera, on the sidewalk so we're dry. We get to Calle B and cannot cross! Its like a rio out there, water almost up to our nees and moving. Then we are trying to decide what to do (skip class? because of a flood? is this legit?) and then the water is coming over the sidewalks and flooding everywhere. So we all get wet and walk home.
I run upstairs to call school (we're already about 20 minutes late at this point). I finally get in touch with Caridad, our academic coordinator. She's so cool and is like "Oh, yeah, that happens." So I go back downstairs to tell everyone the good news. Some people had gone to the gallería to get provisions (wine, cookies, etc. We were preparing for the worst). We sit and watch some of the silliness (Cubans on motorbikes, silly little dogs swimming in the street, etc.) and then I go back upstairs. What do I discover but Caridad had called back and they were sending us a BUS. I wish I had photo of the Casa bus in the water, but its ridiculous. I feel unsafe in that thing even when it's not trying to be a boat.

Casa Bus. Rum for your life! Foto de Meg.

So then we had to go to class and we just watched a movie and although the movie was good, it would've been better if I was snuggled up in my jammies.

I will be uploading another silly picture of the flood when I find it. Get ready!


  1. Rum for your life!

  2. no bueno!! i hate that when you all think its gonna be a no-school/work day then it is. boo hiss. i had no institute, which just meant that i could go to franklin covey earlier. i also got a haircut and my bangs now look terribly awkward. ho hum.

  3. bahaha this entry made me laugh. particuliarly the part about it being a rio and the bus trying to be a boat. and emergency provisions.

    also i never comment so i figured i should start :)