Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Righteous and the Wicked- Red Hot Chili Peppers

So Cuba lost to Japan in the Classic, which is greatly upsetting for all Cubans and me. It was a pretty sad game too; Cuba lost 6-0. Ouch. But tonight! there is a Cuba-Japan elimination game, so there's some esperanza. This is a double-elimination situation. The USA is guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals in L.A. after a GREAT game against Puerto Rico (three-run rally in the ninth to win 6-5). Also going to the semi-finals are Venezuela and Korea. And either Cuba or Japan. So much excitement! We're going over to a friend's house to watch.
In other news, it may be spring time in Boston but it is full on SUMMER in Cuba. Everyday I feel like melting. It's terribly humid and generally gross. But for some reason, I love it. This city fits me.
Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and that makes me miss home a lot. i was really craving Diane's Irish soda bread, some mashed potatoes, and a good beer. Instead, I had rice and beans and some rum. All of which are delicious, don't get me wrong. But they don't make me feel particularly Irish, you know?
We were planning on going to the cervezería and then to this "Irish" bar in Habana Vieja (contradiction, I know). BUT with a recent influx of work, we could not. Who knew there was tarea in Cuba?
This new homework came from Dr. Brown who is teaching my Caribbean Music class. We had a test yesterday that included 5 takehome essays due thursday (this on top of a paper due today, a paper due tomorrow, a paper due tuesday for other classes.) I don't want to rant, I just want to say that never have I felt so unprepared for a test after studying for five hours. Yep, five hours. It was extremely unfair and I'm still so upset about it. (I had another five paragraphs, but I deleted them because it's just me complaining about how unfair this test was.)
Ahhh okay. Tomorrow we leave for Santiago de Cuba! It's a big city on the other end of the island, near Guantánamo. If you can believe it, it's supposed to be even hotter there! Ay dios. But I'm excited, we're flying there! So we'll get to see some real Cuban air travel.

I have ten days left on this island. I'm freaking out.

This is how I will remember Cuba: loud.

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