Monday, February 23, 2009

Wrapped Up In Books- Belle & Sebastian

So on Friday I went to the 18th Annual Feria de Libros in Havana. This book fair is so cool; it's at an old Spanish fort across the bay. Our school had a free bus going a couple times a day, which was awesome. The entrada (fee to get in) was only 2 MN (roughly 8 cents USD), so that was cool. There was a bunch of food stands with street food and such (Coppelia ice cream on conos! I was so excited). There were two options, you could wander around to all the little different stands to look at the books or go to the central library, which had ALL of the books being sold. We went to the central library of course (didn't want to miss any!).
It was very cool, I ended up buying ten books for less than four dollars! It's a big family event every year for Cubans because it's so cheap. This year there were a lot of books out for the 50th anniversary of the Revolution (I bought a book of interviews conducted by this one journalist with Fidel from 2006-2008). But it's not just Cuban lit, they have a lot of international stuf, all in Spanish. Among others, I bought The Little Prince, Age of Gold by José Martí, Cecilia Valdés, a book written by Fidel titled History will Absolve Me, and more. I'm excited to do some reading in Spanish; my speaking has gotten so much better but since I don't get homework here I don't read that much, except for the newspaper. So fun!

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