Monday, February 23, 2009

Race for the Prize- The Flaming Lips

So I don't know who was watching the Oscars (I obviously was not) but I just wanted to say one thing: I was so excited that Man On Wire won best documentary! I went to go see it at Cooldge with my fabulous friend Anne (who also has a blog!) and it's about this guy who is a wire walker (tightrope walker, if you will) who walks between, among other silly places, the Twin Towers in New York. He's French, and a lot of the footage is from the 70's, when this stunt occurred. Philippe Petit is also a cool guy, as evidenced by the photo below.

Leather at the Oscars? How scandalous.

Okay, two things: for anyone that hasn't seem Slumdog Millionaire, please do. My mom brought it to Cuba when she came to visit and I lovelovelove it! Not what I expected at all and such a beautiful film. This photo is by far the cutest I have seen from the Oscars.

Align Center
Dev Patel (Jamal Malik) and Rubina Ali (Latika at age 5).

Okay I lied. three things: I was really glad Sean Penn won best actor. Milk was amazing. And although I'm usually not a fan of political acceptance speeches, I thought his was spot on. Totally appropriate. And he was looking guapo in his all black tux.
Ah I love the Oscars.

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