Tuesday, January 20, 2009

America- Simon & Garfunkel

Happy Obama Day! Today was quite amazing. After a morning full of time changes and confusion, we ended up canceling our Siglo XXI class and starting ¿Afrocuba? at 10:30. Then we took a break at 11:20 and went next door to the Hotel Presidente (very fitting, I know) to watch the inauguration! It was a lot of fun. We were out by the pool area where there's a bar and food and a big TV. We all got drinks (yes at 11:30) and pizza to celebrate! But it was CNN en EspaƱol, so that was a bit annoying. Instead of subtitles like I was hoping for, it was translated into Spanish over the English. So yes, I heard Barack Obama's Inauguration Speech in Spanish before I heard it in English. I streamed the audio online when I got home and read the speech and all the converage any everything like that because we all know that I'm a bit addicted to newspapers and the like. And yes, I cried. Just a little.

Then we had to go back to class which was sad because we were all excited and ready to continue celebrando.

Can we talk about Michelle's dress for a second? Now, I liked it, but I know some of my friends here thought it was ugly. I think the yellow was beautiful and different, and I really liked it paired with the green gloves and matching sash. She always looks so well put together and fashionable, but not stuffy or uncomfortable. I just love her. And Aretha's hat was fabulous! I know it was a bit much, but hey, so is she. I think it was so perfect for her and not too loud for the occasion. And with a voice like that, who really cares what's on her head.

I was also really happy that Yo-Yo Ma performed! He's such a rock star and you could tell that he was enjoying himself. The song "Air and Simple Gifts" (composed specially for the occasion by John Williams) was so beautiful. The whole quartet was amazing.

And tonight, we are continuing Obamarama by celebrating with just us Americans and going to Habana Vieja to a cervezeria! What could be more American than a brewery? Nada.

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  1. WOO!
    after eight terrible years, the tyranny is over! What an amazing thing to have such a smooth, peaceful transition of power from someone so terrible and ignorant and incompetent to someone who appears to be his diametric opposite. how funny that we've created a government that so calmly turns over power from a miserable despot to happenin' dude when the inevitable four-year term is up. It's a little silly that it works like that. awesome, but silly.
    I was so happy that yo-yo ma played, that was incredible. To have that many people there, probably many of whom completely dismiss classical music as "not for them" or whatever nonsense, but to have each and every heart filled with such emotion and inspiration, and to have those feelings embodied by music composed by none other than john williams, what an experience that must have been! and how incredible to watch! Honestly, how very very cool.